VideoBoys: Dominic Couture & Skyler Dallon


Dominic Couture & Skyler Dallon: Cumming of Age! At the ripe old age of 22 Dominic Couture has had his share of hot sex with guys he’s picked up at clubs, and he’s developed the skill of sizing up potential partners with just a glance. So you could forgive him for thinking that eighteen year old Skyler Dallon might be a bit shy and inexperienced in bed.

After all, Skyler’s cherubic face and his diminutive size give off a vibe of youthful innocence that you don’t often see in clubs. Dominic himself really only started into an active sex life after the age that Skyler is now. But Skyler, driven by powerful urges, started into his sex education very early in life and now has a degree of sexual experience that many older men would envy.

So when they got right down to it, Dominic was taken by surprise. Skyler’s eager and skillful participation in everything Dominic had to offer didn’t correlate with his look. Far from having to coax Skyler to try new things or show him what to do, Dominic may have even learned a trick or two about sucking cock from Skyler.

And by the time they got to fucking, it was clear to Dominic that he didn’t need to handle Skyler with kid gloves. As soon as he had Skyler bent over, Skyler backed right up onto Dominic’s rock-hard dick without so much as a whimper or a pause. He wanted that cock in him and he wanted it immediately.

Dominic took the cue and began fucking Skyler like he was his own personal fleshjack. Only the stamina of youth allowed them to fuck so hard for so long. They may look like smooth little angels but they fuck like wild animals.


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