Staxus: Scorching Outdoor Fuckfest

In this scorching outdoor fuckfest, four gay army buddies are feeling horny as fuck! Starved of contact with the opposite sex and closely confined within a tank, these horny soldier boys are ready to stick their dicks into any hole that becomes available!

No sooner has the vehicle come to a halt than Timmy Taylor is copping off with Heath Denson and Kevin Ateah is giving Stanley Stone’s handsome knob-end a good vacuum-tight blowjob!

Once the four lads have alighted from their tank; blond boy Denson serves as the centrepiece of oral affections. Needless to say it’s not long before Denson and Ateah are both opening up their legs to accommodate Taylor and Stone’s thick, aching cocks! Both boys bounce up and down on all that bareback man-meat like a couple of dirty whores, before each boy has the spunk banged out of him!


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