LatinBoyz: Poker Fucks Camillo

Poker Fucks Camillo: How did a regular workout in the gym turn into a raw Latin cum breeding session? Camilio met Poker at the gym and so they started working out together. After working out together three times Poker asked Camilio if he has a girlfriend. Camilio is gay and told him so.

The work out continued and when they were finished Poker mentioned he was really horny and could use a good blowjob. Of course Camilio wasn’t going to miss this opportunity and got down on his knees and started sucking that big cock. While sucking his cock Poker asked if he could show him his ass for a little inspiration.

Within seconds he was eating that ass and then when he got it nice and wet stuck his long cock deep inside Camilio’s ass. After a long hard fuck he shot his first couple blasts on his body and ass. Then he stuck it back in and kept fucking until he was completely drained of all his cum.


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