Hot Tub Fuck: Hunter Graham & Caleb Gray

Hunter Graham & Caleb Gray: Warm water and massaging bubbles tickle tantalizing twink Caleb Gray in an outdoor jacuzzi. And, just when he thinks this day couldn’t get any better, hottie Hunter Graham slides in! The fair fleshed tenderloin inches closer and closer till the tasty twosome can grab one another’s growing groins beneath the bubbles.

Hunter hikes his hind end on the hot tub’s ledge and Gray goes down like the Titanic, twirling his tongue around the twink’s tool. Caleb stands up after a steamy kiss, his member in line with Hunter’s thirsty throat. He grabs Graham by the back of the head and face fucks the kid without mercy. Caleb tosses his sexy black swim trunks off then turns around to get that salad tossed.

Hunter heaves his tongue deep in the kid’s bountiful back side while spreading his work area and even adding a spanking to the bad boy’s booty. The schlong stretching suspense is killing the kid and all he wants is Gray’s tight ass hugging his cock. He stands up, dick in line with Caleb’s can and pushes his pole balls deep into his bottom’s beautifully smooth butt.

The twink tide turns and Hunter’s hole is hungry for a hammering. He tosses a towel down then tosses his legs in the air. Caleb doesn’t waste any time and torpedo’s the twink’s tight hole hard while Hunter jacks his jock. The bubbles continue to flow beneath the pretty pair while Gray’s own bubble butt pummels his long bareback bone deep into Hunter’s sweet center, pushing the kid’s pent up pleasure to the surface for a spurting, salty sweet raging release.

With his bottom spent and covered in his own cum, Caleb cocks his weapon and unloads a bounty of gooey boy bullets all over Hunter’s chiseled torso. Pretty boy is covered in a waterfall of funk and cock whore Caleb can’t resist going in for one more kiss before the boy’s submerge back into the cozy warm comfort of the jizzed up jacuzzi.


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