CockyBoys: Carter Dane & Leo Louis

Carter Dane & Leo Louis: Carter Dane is back and excited to explore his multi-faceted sexuality in the capable hands of Leo Louis! Once Leo gets a good idea of where Carter is coming from, they start things off with a sensual, near-romantic picnic. Soon, Leo explores Carter’s beautiful body and kissing him passionately, slowly & subtly seducing him and taking control. Leo gets Carter on his back and sucks him deeply, quickly putting him in a blissful state of pleasure.

Flipping Carter’s legs back, Leo turns his attention to his smooth bubble butt. He kisses his ass and lavishes praise as well as tongue action on his hole, but also gives his melon cheeks a few slaps to give Carter a hint of what’s in store.  Carter is also eager to reciprocate and his eyes light up when he takes out Leo’s hardening, ginormous cock to suck him. It’s now Leo’s turn to be enthralled as Carter deep throats his cock even as it grows to full size!

After getting his cock spit-lubed, Leo is ready to fuck and so is Carter who turns around on all fours when asked. Leo eases in his cock and he lets Carter works his hole on it before he starts thrusting deep into him. At one point Leo stops to get completely naked, and then goes back in, fucking Carter deeper harder and faster. Leo bears down on him, using the entirety of his lean body to dominate Carter’s muscle bod and drive moans of pleasure from his lips.

In time Leo turns Carter on his side, licks his hole again and drives his cock in.  He jackhammers Carter’s hole, intensifying the sex with a mix of choking and kissing and Leo carries on this same way when he gets Carter on his back to plow him. Leo gets close but takes Carter over to a nearby tree to fuck him against it. He soon pulls out to shoot on Carter’s ass then pounds him until he makes him cum. They kiss again and Leo congratulates Carter who can barely talk in his woozy state of post-sex euphoria.  THAT is getting fucked by Leo Louis!


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