Sex Clubbing Sc 4: Four Boy Gangbang!


Sex Clubbing Sc 4: Four Boy Gangbang! Danny Jones seduces Shovi Khal at the club, and without much hesitation they both end up in the toilet where Danny on his knees starts to suck off Shovi. Perhaps he sucks a little too hard as soon Shovi is hosing down the boy with a golden shower! With both boys horned up, they go to the sofa area where John Hardy and Timmy Williams are already in action!


Staxus: Denis Skala, Nick Fox & Leo Beam



Denis Skala, Nick Fox & Leo Beam: Three football players enjoying a beer after the game is something we couldn’t resist, Denis and Nick are with the newbie Leo, and quick to show him how they like to score a goal.

With Denis out of the room clearing the bottles, Nick is quick to hop over to Leo and starts kissing the boy, this is till Denis gets back and all three have fun together, it goes without saying that these three are going to have a lot of fun together! Nick too gets his fair share of Denis’ cock, for now at least, leaving Denis to enjoy Leo’s cock with Nick’s help from time to time.

Denis is certain of where he wants things to go, and soon is rimming Nicks hole, and sucking his dick in anticipation of what’s to come, whilst Nick is enjoying the taste of Leo’s cock. It’s not long now for Leo to be fucking Nicks hole whilst Denis is still sucking on Nick’s cock, and vice-versa, and more, which is best left unsaid!


Felix Jakes & Johny Walsh Fuck Bareback!


Felix Jakes & Johny Walsh Fuck Bareback! It’s veggie season in the Staxus Farm! And it’s no surprise anything cock shaped makes these boys crazy. Soon Johny is rimming Felix in anticipation of the veggie salad his ass will be eating! First goes the carrot which he takes easily, to later Johny’s cock which make both boys moan in pleasure till the last moment!


Joel Tamir & Hans Lecker Hot Ass Fuck!


Joel Tamir & Hans Lecker Hot Ass Fuck! Hans sure does enjoy the more relaxed country lifestyle, especially then he has Joel nearby! Soon both boys are fully into the action, with Joel sucking off Hans’ cock, then Joel rims Hans’ hole! It’s no surprise that in the natural setting their in Hans would want Joel’s large shaft! But it’s not all over, as soon after Hans gets his dose of anal goodness too!


Jake Stark & David Holister Bareback Fuck!



Jake Stark & David Holister Bareback Fuck! David complains that every year he hopes Santa will bring him a hot twink, luckily this year Jake was under his tree. The hats don’t remain on for long, as David removes them before kissing and adoring Jakes body, which of course makes him hard as a rock.

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Cute & Playful Like Horny Puppies


Cute & Playful Like A Pair Of Horny Puppies! Baby, it’s cold outside, so Brad Fitt and Kevin Ateah crack open some champagne and snuggle up together to keep warm. Of course, these two young Czech cuties are way too horny to do anything as tame as snuggling for long!

These boys are a shameless pair of sluts, and they see the holiday season as just another opportunity to do what they love best – fucking and sucking! Indeed, it’s not long before Fitt is proving what a perfect addition bubbly makes to the act of rimming, then Ateah uses the fizz as lube on his ass.

Needless to say, the sight of Fitt’s hairless cock hammering away against his pal’s pert little butt is one of the sights of the season; and it’s not long before Ateah is spurting like a veritable trooper. An act that Fitt is only happy to replicate; and one that’ll have you tugging away on your own stiff dick for sure!


Heath Denson Gets Valentino Treatment


Heath Denson Gets the Valentino Treatment! It’s Christmas – and what better way to celebrate the season than by watching two sexy young twinks get unseasonably hot and bothered? Smooth boys Heath Denson and Rudy Valentino are like a pair of fallen angels; and by the time they’re both sucking on each others’ cocks there’s a chance that you’ll be unzipping and tugging on your own throbbing ramrod.

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