Helix Studios: Holiday Affairs 3-Frat Fuck


Holiday Affairs 3-Frat Fuck: Sexy gay teen threeway featuring Riley Finch, Garrett Kinsley, & Jace Myers!
Riley impatiently waits for his frat brothers to show up for a dumb dance practice that none of them want to be involved in. As soon as Jace and Garrett show up, the boys bicker, break it down, and then bounce on each other’s cocks.


Helix: Jade Parker Bangs Derrick Porter



Jade Parker Bangs Derrick Porter! Horny little super twink Derrick Porter just finished getting shaved by the adorable Jade Parker. The two hairless blond boys are turned on and start making out. Derrick prepares to bottom for Jade after the two tight twinks suck each other’s stiff teen cocks to attention.

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Wet: Part Five: Gay Boy Orgy


Wet: Part Five: Gay Boy Orgy: With secret crushes out in the open and relationships hitting their high notes, the partiers are ready to get to the pounding portion of their night. After this hot gay boy orgy, they’re going to need to jump in the pool to cool off. Models: Aiden Garcia, Riley Finch, Jacob Hansen, Alex Riley, Jace Myers, Kane Fox, Eli Bennet


Helix: Beach Bums 10: No Judgement Zone



Beach Bums 10: No Judgement Zone: The air grows cool and crisp as Summer comes to a close; so, Travis Stevens and Chase Williams decide to throw an end of season blow out to keep the heat alive. When Trevor Harris and Riley Finch show up, the drinks start flowing, and the boys start dancing and flirting, bringing the sexual tension to a titanic level.

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Helix Studios: Jacob Dixon & Damon Archer


Helix Studios: Jacob Dixon & Damon Archer! Velo bad boy Jacob Dixon is fast on the bike and smooth with the boys. Jacob finds himself mixed up in even more high-octane action when the thrill-seeking bike messenger meets shy millionaire Damon Archer on a routine delivery.

Damon casually invites Jacob into his swaggy high rise apartment where the sexy biking boy promptly lays all his best moves on the young entrepreneur. Damon finds out everything he’s been missing as a rich recluse when Jacob plows his pampered tight ass with his big bareback cock.