Any Excuse to Get a Good Fuck!


Any Excuse to Get a Good Fuck! Camille Kenzo is a horny French teen who will use any excuse to get naked in front of a man. Today, he decides to go see the doctor, Guillaume Wayne, to have his new penis piercing checked.

Throughout the exam, Camille made sure the attention of the doctor was on his cock. Guillaume, not fooled by Camille’s excuse, understood the twink’s game and was more than willing to participate. After fingering and eating out the ass of his young patient, Guillaume mounts Camille on the examination table and gives the boy’s tight ass a good fucking.


Camille’s Very Personal Trainer


Camille’s Very Personal Trainer: Young Camille Kenzo is doing some exercise in his room. His friend, Chris Loan, a handsome athlete, stops by to visit him. In an improvised coaching session, Chris shows the young twink some moves with the dumbbells, but mostly he enjoys showing off his muscles and touching himself.

As the temperature rises in this manly and sweaty atmosphere, Camille cannot resist the advances of his very personal trainer. After being given an amazing blowjob, Chris devotes a great deal of attention to Camille’s beautiful tight ass. First he rims and tongue-fucks the boy, then fucks his ass deeply until he finishes with a huge facial cumshot.


French Twink Fisted in No-Limits Threesome


French Twink Fisted in No-Limits Threesome: Jérôme James and Brice are a couple on screen as well as in real life. Today, they have convinced young innocent Matthieu to join them in a threesome. As soon as the three French twinks are in bed, they start sucking each other off and eating one another’s asses. Then the two twinks use a double-dildo to fuck ass to ass before taking turns getting hard fucked by Brice.

But it doesn’t stop there, as these three horny boys are full of lustful ideas! Brice decides to try fist-fucking and soon has his hand up to the forearm inside Jérôme’s ass! Jérôme shudders with pleasure, nearly to the point of fainting, before finally getting to fuck the ass of his boyfriend.


Paint Workshop For Horny Twinks


Paint Workshop For Horny Twinks: Nathan and Jérôme are concentrating on repainting a door in the workshop, but Jérôme, always ready to clown around cannot help but paint a dick on the door with his paintbrush. Nathan takes the joke as an invitation and proceeds to fuck the twink he has been fantasizing about for so long.

Jérôme’s legs are spread on the table and crouched over the dick of Nathan. Both French twinks moan with pleasure under the steady thrusting of Nathan’s stiff dick.


Young Offenders Jailhouse Threesome


Young Offenders Jailhouse Threesome! Camille Kenzo, Elias Roy and Alex are three horny French twinks who have been arrested for repeatedly exposing themselves in public. These young offenders don’t let being in jail and under direct supervision dampen their sexual appetites.

Although the warden is watching, the sexed up twinks get naked and begin going to town on each other in a hot gay boy threesome. Even when the warden comes in and threatens to have them separated, the two bravest are too horny to stop and continue fucking like fiends!


French Twinks: Hard Fucking In Prison


Hard Fucking In Prison! French twink Brice plays the role of a twisted corrupt cop in this gay prison scene. Brice has an awesome time submitting to young prisoner Jérôme James, who is insatiable. In this brutal and perverse scene, everything is allowed; spitting, slapping, spanking, fucking, and cumshots…

Jerome sucks Brice’s big dick greedily before he gets his tight ass fucked. Then Brice, who believes he is the dominant one and has all the power, is surprised when the twink turns it all around and screws his ass instead.


Welding Workshop For French Twinks


Welding Workshop For French Twinks: During their internship learning about mechanics, French twinks Leo and Xavier Sibley do a few welding exercises, but soon get bored with working and decide to take a fuck break.

Xavier lubes up and fucks tight ass of the young redhead with overwhelming passion. Camille Kenzo, who is never far from the action, also wants to join in. As Xavier continues to fuck Leo’s tight ass, they all pile together to kiss, and suck, and fuck while leaning against an oil barrel.


French Twink Blackmailed By Prison Guard


Twink Blackmailed By Prison Guard: Yanis, the young Franco-Lebanese was arrested under unclear circumstances and claims that he is innocent. Angry at being locked-up for hours, he complains to the guard, Theo Ford. Ford asks him if he’s willing to do anything to get out.

Yanis realizes he has no other choice if he wants to regain his freedom. The twisted prison guard played by Ford smashes Yanis up against the wall and fucks the twink’s tight ass roughly.


4 Boys Without Limits Try Fisting & Fucking


4 Boys Try Fisting & Fucking: Chris, Edouard, Nicolas and Samuel meet up to have a particularly hot four way. The boys are unleashed and suck and fuck in turn, even two or three at the same time. Before long, the horny twinks indulge themselves in all kinds of experiments with Samuel’s ass.

With double penetration, sextoys, & fist fucking, this scene is limited only by the imagination of our beautiful boys! After being smashed by two beautiful cocks at the same time and being fisted, cum goes everywhere.