Daddy’s Boy (18+) 7: Wake up Sleepyhead



Daddy’s Boy 7: Wake up Sleepyhead: Austin Young & Jacob Armstrong: When his step-son sleeps in too late, this horny step-daddy feels compelled to wake him up the best way he knows how: with a hard cock and cum filled balls. The little guy’s tight young body is fucked and filled by his older step-daddy’s big hard cock.

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Daddy’s Boy (18+) Ch 1: Big Boy Undies



Daddy’s Boy (18+) Ch 1: Big Boy Undies: Austin Young & Jacob Armstrong: 17 minute preview. It can be hard for a step-dad to see his young step-son grow up, but he knows he must soon take his first steps into adulthood.
This dad takes the opportunity to show him how something as simple as big boy underwear can transform him from a boy to a man. Sporting his new briefs, this dirty daddy can’t deny just how sexy his little guy is…

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Daddy’s Boy (18+) Ch 5: Halloween Boners


Daddy’s Boy 5: Halloween Boners: Austin Young & Jacob Armstrong. As a special 3-way bonus to the dedicated perverts that have made FamilyDick a leader in father/son fauxcest porn, we’ve released an extra special holiday video.

Beautiful boy Austin is out trick-or-treating as an adorable little fox when his step-dad brings him to the final house of the night. And who should answer the door but their favorite family doctor. The two men unwrap him like a piece of candy and devour his tight little body.


Pride & Joy: My Big Strong Guardian


My Big Strong Guardian: A young step-son comes homes feeling defeated and broken, wanting to just hide away in the arms of his handsome step-dad. The older man is quick to assure just how beautiful he is and how it will all get better.

And in the meantime, he does what he can to make his boy feel good… starting by pulling out his step-son’s big cock and giving it a slow, passionate blowjob. The beautiful young son happily takes to his step-dad’s horny advances, offering up his tight, perfect hole to be devoured and plowed. It really does get better!


Daddy’s Boy (18+) Ch 4: Camp Scary Stories


Daddy’s Boy 4: Camp Scary Stories: Austin Young & Jacob Armstrong. There’s something special about a boy and a daddy going camping. The warm fire and the cool night air makes for ideal father son bonding. These two take it one step further. You’ll pitch a tent of your own when you see this hot duo fuck hard all night long!


Family Dick: Pride & Joy Ch 2: PTA



Pride & Joy Ch 2: PTA: A lot of pressure can build around Parent-Teacher Conference time. That’s when all the school-boy secrets are revealed and step-daddies must decide what they’re going to do with their sons. When this young man confesses to not doing his homework, his old man reminds him just how smart and special he is, but insists they find a way to get his grades up.

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Step-Daddy Asks: You’re A Virgin?


You’re A Virgin? When this horny step-daddy finds a condom in his boy’s room, he immediately questions whether or not he’s having sex! His step-son says he’s a virgin, but his old man wants to make sure he’s taking care of himself. A simple demonstration on condom use crosses a sexy line when the bearded step-daddy offers to show him how with his own, hard cock!

Seeing his step-dad fully erect, the young, twink son can’t help but drop to his knees to suck his big, slick shaft. Desperate to cum and seeing a fresh, virgin hole ready and willing, the bearded step-daddy plows his boy with his big, raw cock, pumping him full of his thick, warm seed!