CockyBoys: Eli Bennet & Kane Fox


Eli Bennet & Kane Fox: Eli Bennet makes his CockyBoys debut and Kane Fox welcomes him with the “Make Me Cum” game! Eli is unfamiliar with this game, but he figures it out once Kane lets his big dick flop out and tells him to “take care of it”. Eli happily surprises Kane by easily deep-throating him, following his commands to suck his big balls, and taking his face-fucking. Gleeful Eli already thinks he’s winning the game, but Kane isn’t ready to declare him the victor. After tugging down Eli’s briefs. he moves around to bury his face between his cheeks and eat out his ass.

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CockyBoys: Angel Rivera & Dallas Preston


Angel Rivera & Dallas Preston: Fearless & fun-loving Dallas Preston makes his CockyBoys debut with super-sexy pansexual Angel Rivera! After enjoying the pizza party at Camp CockyBoys, and opening up to Jake Jaxson about themselves and what “cocky” means to them, Angel & Dallas frolic in the pool, take a sensual shower together, and relax at a cozy spot outside on a garden love seat.

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CockyBoys: Sean Ford & Calvin Banks



CockyBoys: Sean Ford & Calvin Banks: Sean Ford makes his dazzling debut, opening himself up to a new adventure and impressing his scene partner Calvin Banks. Sean is immediately attracted to Calvin and his big dick but also to his smart and sweet personality and his desire to open up Sean to new experiences.

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CockyBoys: Eli Bennet & Tayte Hanson


Eli Bennet & Tayte Hanson: Returning to Camp CockyBoys is a memory-triggering homecoming for Tayte Hanson and he’s happy to help newbie Eli Bennet make some memories too! The guys spend time together with Tayte showing Eli around before they relax in the hammock getting to know each other. After a fun, unexpected visit By Kane Fox , Tayte & Eli retreat to the patio,where things get interesting…

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CockyBoys: Leo Grand & Roman Todd


Leo Grand & Roman Todd: Leo Grand’s ideal summer sex fantasy comes true in the form of Roman Todd! Leo has a detailed checklist for his fantasy and Roman fills in all the boxes so naturally Leo is excited “roll around” with him. Lying together on the outdoor bed they look at a very special erotic photo book and Leo reads passages from it, putting them both in the mood. Roman sweetly kisses Leo and starts to undress him, and it isn’t long before Leo is sucking him thoroughly. He knows Roman loves it because he responds with his deep sexy voice.

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CockyBoys: Carter Dane & Leo Louis


Carter Dane & Leo Louis: Carter Dane is back and excited to explore his multi-faceted sexuality in the capable hands of Leo Louis! Once Leo gets a good idea of where Carter is coming from, they start things off with a sensual, near-romantic picnic. Soon, Leo explores Carter’s beautiful body and kissing him passionately, slowly & subtly seducing him and taking control. Leo gets Carter on his back and sucks him deeply, quickly putting him in a blissful state of pleasure.

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CockyBoys: Dallas Preston & Kane Fox


CockyBoys: Dallas Preston & Kane Fox are so hot for each other, they can’t wait to go at it! Having met before and fooled around a little, the spark of chemistry was even stronger when they reunited at Camp CockyBoys. So now they can finally go all the way…provided they can get inside the cottage to do it.

Before Dallas can open the door, Kane pulls him aside to make out with him and grope his ass. And when Kane’s hard cock presses against his, Dallas drops to his knees, takes it out and sucks him. Kane takes charge right away, feeding his cock to Dallas and telling him what to do.

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CockyBoys: Austin Wolf & Troye Jacobs


Austin Wolf & Troye Jacobs: Troye Jacobs makes his CockyBoys debut exploring his simple kink: getting used by a hot top. Enter Austin Wolf who is more than happy to make this fantasy happen in his own inimitable way.  Austin eases Troye into it but holding caressing him, and slowly feeding him his cock.

Then, holding Troye’s arms behind a chair Austin sensually strokes his cock before slipping his fingers under Troye’s balls, fingering his hole & kissing him. And with that Troye is seduced, taking Austin’s cock into his throat.

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CockyBoys: Sean Ford & Aiden Ward



Sean Ford & Aiden Ward meet to explore their versatile sides in a hot nighttime flip-flop fuck! Their lips meet for some sensual making out and Aiden mouth-teasing the growing bulge in Sean’s tightie whities. He gets close to taking out Sean’s cock but instead grinds his crotch on him and unleashes his own cock. And soon it’s Sean lying back eagerly sucking Aiden as he stands over him feeding him cock.

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