BoyFun: Gabe Isaac & Richard Hicks



BoyFun: Gabe Isaac & Richard Hicks: Richard Hicks arrives in town looking for some fun, and he doesn’t have to look too far at all before spying young teen twink Gabe Isaac hanging out with a friend. All it takes is a little eye contact and Gabe is following the arrival to have some bareback BoyFun. It’s a perfect partnership, Richard loves tight boys with big uncut cocks, and although he doesn’t know it when they start making out Gabe has one of the biggest boners in town!

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BoyFun Bareback: Jake Olsen & Ruben Bart


BoyFun: Jake Olsen & Ruben Bart: Could anything beat being woken up by a gorgeous friend wanting to slurp on your morning boner? Long-haired teen cutie Jake Olsen gets that and a whole lot more when his handsome buddy Ruben Bart arrives in his room to wake him up with some BoyFun, checking out his bare ass, kissing the tempting exposed rump and rousing him for a delicious dick servicing that has Jake’s cock drooling pre-cum and his balls churning up a good load within moments.

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BoyFun: Gabe Isaac & Casper Ivarsson



BoyFun: Gabe Isaac & Casper Ivarsson: Horse hung gay boy Gabe Isaac is definitely one for all the greedy guys. This slim and slight young man is the twinkiest little hottie we’ve ever seen, but he’s packing one of the biggest lengths of thick cock!

He’s in the shower cleaning up when hotel worker Casper Ivarsson arrives to deliver some towels, but the moment he gets a look at that incredible cock he can’t take his eyes off it!

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BoyFun: Antony Carter & Dimitry Adamkov


BoyFun: Antony Carter & Dimitry Adamkov. When Dimitry Adamkov started looking for a roommate he never imagined that a boy like Antony Carter would come his way. After the young man moved in he soon discovered what a confident guy he was, catching him naked while going to the bathroom in the night or seeing him in the shower in the mornings with his long and thick cock pointing straight up.

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BoyFun: Adam Keller & Tony Keit


BoyFun: Adam Keller & Tony Keit: Super slim twink boys Tony Keit and Adam Keller get together for an afternoon of playful fun and with this game you know it’s going to turn into a hot and heavy session of bareback fucking extremely quickly. Twister is always good at parties, but it’s even better when it’s between just you and a friend, especially when clothes start to come off.

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BoyFun: Dimitry Adamkov & Jacob Dolce


BoyFun: Dimitry Adamkov & Jacob Dolce. Jacob Dolce is not going to turn down the offer when a tall and sexy boy like Dimitry Adamkov invites him to his nearby apartment. Jacob might be young and sweet but he’s not naive, he knows there’s some hot fucking in store for him when he follows the young man home.

With a little kissing to break the ice their t-shirts slip off to reveal their smooth young bodies, already a tempting sight before Dimitry gets his guest on the floor and begins to explore further.

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Casper Ivarsson, Ben Kingston, Victor Vittu


Casper Ivarsson, Ben Kingston & Victor Vittu: Beautiful twinks Casper Ivarsson and Ben Kingston go to visit their friend Victor Vittu, but find him face down, fast asleep. They head over to the sofa while they wait and start making out. Victor arises to two twinks locking lips and wants to join in on the fun, which leads to some very hot bareback threesome action in this scene from Boyfun.


BoyFun: Bjorn Nykvist & Casper Ivarsson


BoyFun: Bjorn Nykvist & Casper Ivarsson: Bjorn Nykvist arrives in Casper Ivarsson’s bedroom to wake him up and get him moving, but whatever his plans might have been he’s soon enticed into some BoyFun by the sexy twink and his offer of delicious young cock.

Bjorn gets on that hairy dick and sucks his friend with the kind of hunger we would all express given the chance, slurping the precum out of his friend and working his cock up into a rigid shaft of pink pleasure, but Casper’s boner isn’t the only one ready for some head.

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BoyFun: Jared Shaw & Max London


BoyFun: Jared Shaw & Max London: Jared Shaw and Max London are out on the balcony enjoying the late evening daylight as the sun starts to set over Prague. The view gets both horny, and Max drops to his knees and starts sucking Jared off. The boys head inside where Jared returns the favor then rams his hard cock, bareback, deep inside Max London’s tight asshole. Jared loves to please, and he always delivers a full load.