BoyFun: Oliver Morgenson & Gregor Gilead

Oliver Morgenson & Gregor Gilead. Blond boy Oliver Morgenson never has to try too hard to get some tight young ass, or a good stiff cock to suck, but he likes to make things interesting. Gregor Gilead is a boy who won’t turn down the chance to fuck around and enjoy some great gay sex.

The Fussball game becomes far more interesting when Oliver suggests the loser has to take a cock up his ass! With Oliver claiming the win, the boys head to bed where the blond boy’s mouth is soon slurping his friend’s long uncut cock.

These smooth gay boys are perfectly matched, two young and lithe young bucks with stiff dicks and balls full of cum! Seemingly happy to deliver on the promised bottoming slim Gregor straddles his pal, riding Oliver’s experienced manhood.

The boy’s balls are clearly loaded and ready to spew their seed, but he can hold off unloading until he’s given his losing buddy the kind of fucking he likes.

On his back and taking it deep slim and pale Gregor is getting closer by the second, his own long erection being pumped in his hand while his pal prods his prostate deep inside. Another ride on his friend’s length and a delicious drenching of Oliver’s cum in his face and mouth is enough to take him over the edge, semen splashing from his swollen tip as the taste of his buddy’s delicious load rests on his lips.


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