BoyFun: Jake Olsen & Antony Carter

BoyFun: Jake Olsen & Antony Carter. Antony Carter is home from work and the moment he walks through the door long-haired lover boy Jake Olsen is on his big dick. It’s not so surprising, the handsome young man is so tempting and his big uncut cock is delicious, any young man would be craving it after going without some good BoyFun for a day.

With a little kissing and their shirts quickly removed Antony takes a seat on the stairs, his cock soon out of his pants and throbbing with delight as Jake wanks and sucks him. The fit young man has a truly gorgeous body, but that dick is a tasty tool any young man would love to slurp and gobble.

One good suck deserves another, of course, so it’s no wonder the tall and lean Antony is soon sucking the precum out of Jake’s famously long and rigid prick. Their feast or oral enticement is predictably leading to more as Jake takes his friend by the hand, revealing that he’s prepared a warm bath for them both to enjoy.

What may have begun with a seemingly lust-driven demand for dick becomes a romantic ride as Antony slides his naked ass down on the engorged length of his lover’s erection, his own impressive cock jutting upward with pleasure. His fit sporty body holds him up hovering over the naked shaft as Jake thrusts upward into him, fucking his lover from beneath with passionate determination.

Wisely shifting position away from the lit candles Antony bends over the edge of the tub, giving lucky Jake complete access to his snug little bareback rump. The boy pistons into him with just as much fevered lust before finally opting for a standing fuck against the wall and a final ride on the floor, the intensity of their romantic encounter taking them closer and closer to complete satisfaction.

With furious strokes of his big cock Antony splashes semen from his tip, his lover’s naked shaft slipping from his ass. Jake is soon ready to join him, wanking off and aiming his long boner perfectly, splashing Antony’s tight abs and defined chest with his leaping load.


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