BoyFun: Dimitry Adamkov & Jacob Dolce

BoyFun: Dimitry Adamkov & Jacob Dolce. Jacob Dolce is not going to turn down the offer when a tall and sexy boy like Dimitry Adamkov invites him to his nearby apartment. Jacob might be young and sweet but he’s not naive, he knows there’s some hot fucking in store for him when he follows the young man home.

With a little kissing to break the ice their t-shirts slip off to reveal their smooth young bodies, already a tempting sight before Dimitry gets his guest on the floor and begins to explore further.

It seems little Jacob had an idea he might be invited for some fun, he’s wearing the sexiest underwear, which Dimitry certainly appreciates before greedily gobbling the young man’s tasty cock. His loving licks and slurps have the boy dripping pre-cum, but Jacob is happy to pause his own dick-pleasing when Dimitry stands to feed him his turgid veiny shaft.

His sweet little friend knows it’s on when the blond lad turns his attention to that snug little hole, licking his creased pucker with a lapping tongue, preparing him just a little for that tool to squeeze inside. The boy is so tight, and it feels so good as top boy Adamkov crams his naked shaft into him, first on his back and then kneeling for a deeper thrusting.

When Jacob takes control, his fit young body bouncing as his pucker slides up and down on Dimitry’s raw cock, his own is twitching for release. His friend grabs him by the dick, wanking the bottom boy while his impressive tool enjoys the warm velvety pleasure of his chute.

With breathy moans the semen spews from the boy’s cock, splashing out over Dimitry’s pale body and pouring all over his stomach, soon to be matched by his own exploding dick as he strokes, his cute little lover sucking and licking his balls as the pleasure washes through him.


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