BoyFun: Casper Ivarsson & Noah Pierce

BoyFun: Casper Ivarsson & Noah Pierce. Spain is famous for many things, but it’s fair to say that millions flock there every year for the nightlife and the rampant sexual energy of the tourist hotspots. Casper Ivarsson knows all too well what it’s like for boys visiting the tourist town and he’s more than happy to invite a few to come and enjoy his apartment, especially if they’re hung and hot!

Being the sociable sort he’s eager to get to know each of his new guests, but tall and slim Noah is the first to make an impression, meeting up with Casper on the balcony and being invited inside for some BoyFun. Within moments the gorgeous guest’s long uncut cock is out of his shorts for Casper to slurp and drool over, a delicious pink member almost equal in proportions to the one Noah is soon sucking.

With his snug little hole getting some finger play the boy is quickly ready to slide his pucker down on Casper’s generous dong, bareback of course, his own cock bouncing between his slim thighs while he rides.
Kneeling on the couch for some deep doggy-style thrusting and finally on his back for an even more penetrating pounding Noah is soon squirting his cream over his tight body, a shower of semen from Casper matching his own voluminous eruption.

When Alex and Maxxie discover Noah enjoying the aftermath of a great fuck they’re soon making their own plans to get to know their host.


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