BoyFun: Bjorn Nykvist & Casper Ivarsson

BoyFun: Bjorn Nykvist & Casper Ivarsson: Bjorn Nykvist arrives in Casper Ivarsson’s bedroom to wake him up and get him moving, but whatever his plans might have been he’s soon enticed into some BoyFun by the sexy twink and his offer of delicious young cock.

Bjorn gets on that hairy dick and sucks his friend with the kind of hunger we would all express given the chance, slurping the precum out of his friend and working his cock up into a rigid shaft of pink pleasure, but Casper’s boner isn’t the only one ready for some head.

Hung Bjorn has an amazing dick of his own to share with his buddy, stripping off and revealing his impressive inches, feeding his buddy his engorged boner as clear nectar leaks from the exposed swollen tip. Casper might have been feeling lazy at the start of this morning escapade but he’s soon demanding a good deep fucking from his friend, something Bjorn is more than equipped to deliver.

He eases his experienced bareback manmeat between the boys slightly fuzzy cheeks and gets to work, plundering the boy’s pucker, humping his length in and out. A little break for some ass-to-mouth oral gives Casper a tasty treat, but soon enough he’s demanding more of that dick and sliding his pucker back down on it, riding his friend while his own shaft throbs and swings.

Taking the boy from behind at the edge of the bed finally gets Casper spilling his seed, cum pumping from his well-worked boner just before Bjorn pulls his long shaft out to splash warm ball-juice all over the lad’s butt cheeks!


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