BoyNapped: Jack Wright & Ashton Bradley


BoyNapped: Jack Wright & Ashton Bradley! If you were new like innocent boy Jack you would hope that you would be broken in easy, but that’s never going to be the case when you have horny and hung Ashton calling the shots! The gorgeous new boy is taped and tied into a kneeling position, with his cock and balls pulled tight and anchoring him in place.
He can hardly move without his balls pulling away from him! His hole is too tempting for Ashton to ignore, and with some flogging punishment his pucker is getting some exploration. You know it’s only in preparation for that big cock to slam inside, and boy does he get that! As Ashton’s cum splashes over his back, you get the feeling Jack might be regretting this!


BoyFun: Evan Ryker & Oliver Morgenson


BoyFun: Evan Ryker & Oliver Morgenson. Straight guy Evan Ryker just want’s to get off, but he’s accidentally bought condoms that are way too small for his big dick. He’s going to have to skip out on his girlfriend or find something else to do unless his friend Oliver Morgenson can find a solution. Is it a ploy to get his friend to offer some BoyFun? Perhaps, but Oliver doesn’t mind. He’s curious about just how hung his friend is and when Evan reveals his incredible meat from his tight jeans it’s already throbbing and ready to be pleasured.

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BareTwinks: A Halloween Night Treat!


A Halloween Night Treat! It’s Halloween and the boys are out in the streets gathering candy, but Dakota White and Andy Kay want more than a sweet treat! They find excitable young Zack Love and knock him out with chloroform, bundle him up and take him back to their bedroom for a gay boy threesome! Bound and unable to resist, Zack is fed hard twink cock, fingered and fucked bareback! Andy goes first while Dakota feeds their slave his dick, but soon he’s wanting some of that hot hole too. Far from being reluctant, young Zack is having an amazing time taking both those stiff dicks, ending up with cum all over his ass, a deep seeding, and a massive double facial too!

Dream Boys Raw Sc3: Joel Tamir & John Hardy


Dream Boys Raw Sc3: Joel Tamir & John Hardy: Who would have thought that John’s weird way of eating a banana in bed would lead to them both rocking each other’s bananas! Needless to say, a banana was one hell of a way for these two to get into the mood, and without a doubt, this got them both in the mood for some hot and steamy sex!


8teenBoy: Alan Davis & Jimmy Andrews


8teenBoy: Alan Davis & Jimmy Andrews: Book worm Jimmy Andrews is studying hard when Alan Davis saunters up behind him just as hard! Davis is devilishly sexy and Jimmy is unable to focus on books when the beautiful bad boy drops to his knees. A cock swap suck-a-thon ensues but then straight A student Andrews decides to crack open Alan’s ass like a best seller and dive into the plot.
Alan lets Jimmy know he needs the kid’s fat cock in his ass. That’s all Andrews needs to hear. He aims his ample apple headed appendage at Alan’s hot little hole and barrels his bareback boner deep inside. Jimmy takes his bottom boy on a tube steak tour through several steamy positions as the study buddies make out like the horned up high schoolers they are. After a thorough thrashing, Alan decides to dip his wick inside book boy.
Jimmy is rock hard and tight as a drum. Alan eases his schlong inside, taking it slow as this young guy is tight as fuck. The tight bootied bottom strokes his skyscraper of a boner bringing it to a boil. The sexy student has been hitting the books and definitely needed this release, cause this amount of delicious cum has obviously been cooped up for way to long. Davis follows, hosing down his fiery friend good and gooey.


Helix Studios: Jacob Dixon & Shane Hicks


Helix Studios-Jacob Dixon & Shane Hicks: Shane Hicks introduced himself by taking fellow new-boy Adrian Rivers’ fresh meat in their “Fresh Casting” interview but bottoming for studio pro Jacob Dixon is what the fans really want to see! Jacob has the perk of being a Helix Exclusive and pulls rank to get first crack at properly breaking in Shane. The new twink is eager to impress and wastes no time trying to tame Jacob’s nine inch beast. The two bare-chested cute boys get hot and horny as Shane proves he can take Jacob’s big dick in many different positions.


A Big Cock For His Twinky Ass


A Big Cock For His Twinky Ass: Everyone loves teaming up with handsome hunk Janusz, it’s no surprise when you see the immense rigid cock he’s got in his pants. He’s a masculine fucker with a raging length of man meat and he knows how to please a guy like Jordan.
The sucking is intense as they share their big dicks, but when Janusz slides into that tight hole and gets to work all bets are off. It’s a good thing Jordan likes it hard and demanding, because this hunk won’t stop until he’s made the lad cum and emptied his own awesome piece of fuckmeat!


Cute Blond Boy Banged Bareback


Cute Blond Boy Banged Bareback! We like our boys on the cute side, but we surprised even ourselves when we managed to get young Kamyk Walker in front of our cameras. Blond, fresh-faced and as horny as fuck, this beautiful boy is everything you’d expect from a twink and much more besides. In his first scene at Staxus, we team Walker up with fan favorite Milan Sharp.

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8teenBoy: Three Tight Teen Boys


8teenBoy: Three Tight Teen Boys: This tight group of teens couldn’t get any hotter! The three tight bodied teens meet after school for some orgasmic extracurricular activities. Forming a circle on the bed, the budding young butt fuckers slowly and seductively strip one another, then slather on the kisses and cock sucking!
Making sure no schlong is left unturned, Jamie Ray, Jimmy Andrews and Caleb Gray share the raunchy responsibility of pleasure as they suck, fuck and eat ass in some seriously sexy gay boy hotness! They may be young but they love cock and use one another’s glorious girthy gifts to the fullest, filling every aching hole their butt buddies have got with tongues and big twink torpedoes!
Young, carefree and condom free, the teens keep the circle going and ever flowing with new combinations of cock! From daisy chain to fuck train, this hot trio will leave you breathless. The finale finds twinkie Caleb Gray filled with hot cream at each end! He gets a firehose of a facial from Jimmy and a cream pie surprise from hot blond babe Jamie. Absolutely yummy!